Cargo/Utility UAV Drone Lift International Deliver More


Increased demand for unmanned delivery systems, with greater payload capacity an redundancy, opens up new options for “same day delivery”, according to the development team at “Drone Lift International Limited”.

The rise in small multi-rotor’s being used for commercial applications and potential order delivery is growing daily, but the issue will always remain over safety and payload size.

Most designs in test only carry a small payload for maximum endurance and that payload is often limited in volume due to the platforms design.

Drone Lift International Limited are developing two sizes of platform based around current legislation. A basic battery powered 10kg payload version, and a larger 60kg payload platform which can be either battery or hybrid-electric. Both the 10kg and the 60kg payload platforms come with multi-rotor redundancy, First Personal View, dual flight controllers, dual data-links, dual energy storage and a recovery chute.

Optional extras include long range data-links and custom “hot swop” payload fittings. Testing has been done privately at a launch & recovery point that is over 500 metres above sea level, and in gusting wind conditions, to prove the stability and reliability of the 10kg payload design. Work is now continuing on the 60kg payload version ready for demonstration by the end of May 2015. The designs are smaller in footprint than conventional larger payload lifters, such as the Yamaha R-Max, but with multiple layers of safety and redundancy which make them perfect for the ever growing commercial market.