Ritewing Drak


by Chris Klick

The Drak is the first forward swept RC aircraft that combines extreme durability with unmatched stability & energy efficient flight.

About The Drak Project

The Ritewing Drak is a visually stunning and durable remote control (RC) airplane design that is capable of extremely stable and energy efficient flight. This aircraft was designed as a high performance platform for any use: the typical RC enthusiast, first-person-view (FPV), or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). When designing the Drak, we had one mission in mind: to give the average person the ability to capture quality video and photographs or scientific data over an extended geographical area from an unmanned aircraft. The Ritewing Drak has sufficient cargo space and weight bearing capacity to accommodate all of the electronics and sensors that would be needed for any application.

Introducing the Drak

Quad-copters are hot items that boast the ability to capture aerial images, but the Ritewing Drak goes where quad-copters simply can’t. The Drak can cruise expansive areas over an extended period of time to capture video, still photography, or other data with ease. A quad copter simply cannot match the distance and duration parameters of the Drak’s fixed wing platform. The reason is simple: the fixed wing platform actually flies through the air through the principles of lift from the shape of the wing. This allows the Drak to stay in the air with minimal power consumption. A quad copter can only support its weight as long as it has power to its motors.

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