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PredatOBR Rifle Shoots Down DJI Inspire Drone


Another video that has me scratching my head a little. The chap aims and fires the rifle from level ground and its level he shoots down an Inspire? Surely the Inspire would have to be only a couple of feet off the deck or over a cliff edge for this to happen. Its higher than that in the video of the hit they show.

Then the final video shots very plainly from the very same Inspire. They wouldn’t be baiting people like me to write about and share their video would they?

To shoot down a drone, LaRue Tactical packaged a pre-sighted and disassembled PredatOBR rifle kit…then dropped it not once, but twice, from an aircraft. The first attempt bounced out of camera range, so the package was dropped a second time. Impact was onto a rocky central Texas terrain bouncing high into the air.

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