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Michael Drobac to Present At The 2015 Small Unmanned Systems Business Expo


There is no doubt that the Small UAV Coalition has burst onto the scene in a big way.

In just a few short months they have been seen really moving and shaking up the commercial drone advocacy doldrums.

Big names, vision and praxis have come together to help lawmakers as well as the general public better understand that the commercial drone industry is here, responsible and ready for business. That’s a message that many of us in the community can support!

The progress thus far is encouraging, and it validates what many of us have been saying for years; let’s talk about the positive uses of the technology and about the small commercial systems and applications first. It’s not rocket science; that’s what was needed was to put a positive and productive face on the industry. The Coalition “leadership” recognized that early on and has been able to help us paint that picture and move the ball forward in a timely fashion.

Exposition attendees will hear about the progress and work that has been accomplished in a busy 2014. We also hope to hear about the exciting plans for the future, for not only Coalition members, but also the community at large.

It’s just one more reason not to miss this year’s Business Exposition —

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