Israeli RT has successfully completed all the levels of the AEWE 2014 program


The Skystar 180 system, showcased at the AEWE, includes a Multi Sensor Miniature Stabilized  TR STAMP Payload of the Israeli company CONTROP and a communication relay of both HARRIS and THALES. The Skystar 180is ideal for defense missions, operating from company level to brigade level.

Through the AEWE program, held at Fort Benning Georgia, the US Army encourages companies from around the world to submit technologies, in the form of production-ready devices and products, for approval. 

RT’s CEO, Rami Shmueli:“The selection and approval of the SkyStar 180 by the US Army is an evidence of the system’s quality and its high-level technological capabilities, and it is a great honor for us. Our unique aerostat systems are the only long-distance aerial surveillance system that can operate from as high as 600 meters, and it is a great honor for us to be chosen to the AEWE”.

SkyStar 180 is a small size, mobile aerostat designed for tactical mid-range surveillance and public safety, police, and military applications. Based on a towable trailer, the system payload features a stabilized day/night electro-optical payload, a camera and a communication relay, all suspended from a helium filled aerostat, tethered to a ground system. It operates continuously at wind velocity of up to 40 knots, and can lift a payload of up to 20 kg, providing surveillance coverage from an altitude of up to 1,000 ft. for up to 72 hours, after which it is brought down for a 30-minute helium refill. Only 2 people are required to fully maintain the system.

RT LTA Systems Ltd. is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of the Skystar™ family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications. Skystar is a self-contained, versatile, easily transportable, cost-effective tactical system comprised of a ground control station, a ground system module, a tether, a lighter-than-air platform, a stabilized payload platform, and a sensor suite. Skystar systems are operational worldwide in various military and civilian missions.. Currently, systems are deployed in countries such as Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Russia, Colombia, and various countries in Africa.

RT Aerostat Systems – RT LTA’s US subsidiary, located in Texas – The company participates in several cooperative projects in the US, including projects covering USA-Mexican border control, emergency training at Texas A&M’s Disaster City, search and rescue training with TEEX, as well as R&D regarding raw materials, etc.