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CybAero unveils new APID ONE product line


CybAero, which develops and manufactures remotely piloted helicopters with associated sensor systems, is set to unveil its new product line on Tuesday: the APID ONE. The product line is based on over 20 years of experience and extensive development and refinement of the company’s earlier product, the APID 60. The product line will be unveiled to stakeholders, investors and the media at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska museet) in Stockholm.

“We have been seeing a rapid increase in demand in several different areas of application for a long time now. As a result, we have developed a new product line based on the expertise and experience we have accumulated over the years,” says Mikael Hult, CEO of CybAero.

The APID ONE gives CybAero even greater customization capabilities for defense clients and users on the civilian and commercial markets.

“This boosts our competitiveness on the world market,” says Mikael Hult.

The APID ONE consists of three different models: DEFENCE, which caters to defense clients, and RESCUE & RANGER, which are geared toward civilian and commercial clients.

The APID ONE DEFENCE – for a strong defense
The APID ONE DEFENCE is the most advanced version of the APID ONE system. It can be fitted with different sensors and equipment to optimally support various defense units in their operations. This makes the APID ONE Defence a strategic component in a modern defense force, which is capable of providing equally good or better efficiency in a cost-effective, safe and reliable manner. Some areas of application include: anti-submarine operations, intelligence operations and protection of specific units or sensitive cargo.

The APID ONE RESCUE – saving lives and property
The APID ONE RESCUE is designed for rescue operations in which time is a critical success factor. With its quick preparation time, its ability to take off from just about anywhere and its advanced sensor solutions, the APID ONE can be a decisive factor in lifesaving and property-saving operations. The APID ONE also has a maritime configuration available as an add-on that enables it to be stored onboard and to be used to autonomously take off and land on ships. Areas of application include: fire monitoring, searching for missing people on land or at sea, natural and environmental disasters and traffic accidents.

The APID ONE RANGER – for civilian operations
With the APID ONE RANGER, power line systems, water & oil pipelines and industrial facilities can be inspected and monitored cost-effectively. The APID ONE RANGER can be equipped with a Doppler laser (LIDAR) or a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) which enables it to “see” a target despite foggy conditions or a snowstorm. Areas of application include: forest inventories, environmental research, mapping, traffic surveillance and wildlife inventories and protection.

Christer Fuglesang received gift for Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology
The company donated a unit of its earlier product, the APID 60, to the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology in conjunction with the unveiling. Christer Fuglesang, Sweden’s first and so far only astronaut and chairman of the board of the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, received the older model.

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