VDCI unveils its all in all compact Ground Control Station for any UAV like DJI and 3D Robotics


Evo IV is our latest Ground Control Station product coming from 3 years of R&D and continuous customer field feedback process. Portable all-in-one UAV operational command center to handle strict professional operations. This new GCS on the market offers a fully integrated solution compared to traditional radio control systems largely used by drone’s pilots.

We have concentrated the efforts on navigation commands control as well as data acquisition from the field during flight plans.

The GCS support any drones auto-pilot like 3R Robotics or DJI Naza or A2.

Your Apple/Android tablet Mission Planner can easily take place inside the GCS directly.

The GCS Evo IV is compatible with tablet sizes like Ipad, Asus Transformer T100, HP Elipad 1000 or Rugged Motion CL 920. The GCS can be used with any 2,4GHz S-BUS, Spektrum or any PPM Signal receiver with respectively 12, 16 or 24 channels.

Every command is clearly identified on the GCS with no mixing channel controls as it is on a traditional radio control radio with enough channels to operate and extend your drone functions as required.

Compact and robust with everything integrated inside like tablet mission planning, real-time mission control, Shoot / Video / Zoom trigger functions, video data link with analogic/digital HD monitor and HD wireless transmission.

The GCS offers 3 choices to operate and control your drone: Manually, semi-assisted or fully automatically by using waypoints management systems. The GCS has been designed for pilots who knows you cannot control a drone for professional applications by using only a single pinpoint tablet.

With our GCS, you can control and pilot your drone with the accuracy needed for multitasking missions inside or outside.

By using your tablet and our dedicated Vision Mission Planner (VMPTM) on windows OS system, you can directly integrate and control IR camera feed on the tablet and the live screen video on the TFT. Directly inspired from aeronautics rules and security procedures, we have integrated a blue screen functions In case of tablet failure to let you back your drone home with telemetry support. Distributors and resellers are welcomed.


 Two sets of joysticks for simultaneous aircraft and 3 axes gimbal control

 Quality ball bearing joysticks for maximum accuracy

 Horizontal and vertical UAV real-time mapping location with our Vision Mission planner

 Possibility to create / modify / analyze missions

 Flight modes: Manual / FAS (Flight Assist System) / Return Home / Place

 Supported 10 inches Tablets like Asus Transformer T100, HP Elipad 1000 or Motion CL920.

 Tablet size under 278×186 mm

 ABS case Re-enforced

 Recovery blue screen with telemetry functions

 Support Multi Radio protocols like PPM, S-Bus and Spektrum

 GCS firmware updated through the tablet with Wi-Fi signal connection

 Support 1 or 2 Radio Mode

 SDcard Reader used with the tablet

 7” TFT 16/9 Diversity Screen (700 Lux) – 10” TFT Screen on request

 Batteries: 4800 mA – 10,8 v NiMh – Rechargeable directly from the station

 Autonomie : 3H – GCS Dimensions : L 48.6 X l 32.5 X H 4.5 cm

 Telemetry link compatible with MAVlink (433 MHz or 915 MHz)

 Possibility to use a second radio or vision systems to control of the aircraft

 Carrying Harness provided

 Option: Long Range from 50 km to 100 km

 Option: Data logger

 Option: HD Transmission up to 1 000 Kms.