NWUAV:- First Commercial UAV Propulsion System Approved For Export


NWUAV announced today the initial shipment of their NW-44cc Fuel Injected engine to an undisclosed foreign customer. This is the first of three customers that have signed up for the COTS 44cc Multi-fuel engine that has been in development for three years. This is the first commercially available propulsion system designed from the ground up specifically for UAV applications. The dual ignition engine and associated components are all self-contained in a common assembly that includes the ECU, Ignition Modules, a 310 watt Generator, its associated Control Unit, and the Engine Vibration Isolation mount.

The shipment includes several engines and associated fuel tanks that have an integrated fuel pump and pressure regulator along with a separate Power Management Module. The PMM contains the Li-Po battery charging circuit and logic functions that manage air, ground, and battery power distribution. The PMM, ECU and GCU all have CAN bus communication to the Autopilot that can relay real time data to the operators.

To design, build, and test an engine system like the NW-44 takes significant commitment and capital along with engineering resources and specialized test facilities that most companies don’t have or are unwilling to commit to. Those challenges drive most companies to settling on Hobby Grade engines and components that will likely not perform well for the program. The NW-44 addresses those challenges with a turn-key commercially available engine system specifically designed and built for the unmanned industry.” – says Chris Harris Owner and President of NWUAV.

As the largest UAV propulsion system manufacturer in the U.S., NWUAV has been providing solutions for unmanned vehicles since 2005. NWUAV is the leading provider of field proven unmanned aircraft propulsion systems with over 800,000 combat flight hours flown to date.

The NW-44 has been through thousands of hours of endurance testing at the NWUAV headquarters in McMinnville Oregon and is targeted for UAV’s in the 50 – 80 lbs. range.

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