MHS students learn to operate drones in unmanned aircraft systems class


By Matthew Brown│Press Gazette

As part of an dual enrollment program with Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, Milton High School students are learning to pilot and operate drone-like crafts in the first year of unmanned aircraft systems.

“We have basically learned about the history of unmanned aerial systems and drones,” said sophomore Jacob Moses.

Moses is one of the first 21 students to enroll in the curriculum, which allows students to work on their piloting skills while operating unmanned aircraft commonly referred to as drones. Scott Erickson, who is serving as the curriculum’s instructor, said there is a distinction between operating a unmanned aircraft and operating a remote control air craft. One of the main distinctions comes from operating the craft via a camera.

“If we use that camera to fly it, I am using the payload and its now an unmanned aircraft,” Erickson said.

William Gibson, 17, said he is impressed with how an individual can operate an aircraft using only an electronic handheld device without having to watch the craft in person.

“You can operate (the unmanned aircraft) from a different room,” he said.

Gibson said there is multiple uses for operating unmanned aircraft.

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