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India:- Dynamatic & Aerovironment opens pilot facility for unmanned aircraft system

Raven drones at Vandenberg Air Force Base

Dynamatic Technologies Limited and AeroVironment Inc has inaugurated the pilot production facility for the development of the next generation unmanned aircraft system, Cheel. The inauguration of the pilot production facility is part of a wider strategic plan for growth and internationalisation outlined by Dynamatic and AeroVironment.

The Governments of India and the US have selected a next-generation unmanned aircraft system (UAS) based on AeroVironment’s market-leading family of small UAS as a collaborative project under the India United States Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI). The project named ‘Cheel’ will be jointly developed and produced by Dynamatic Technologies and AeroVironment in India, subject to applicable

US and Indian government approvals.

“We are honoured to be selected for this important and high-profile program, which is supported by the President of the US and the Prime Minister of India. Small UAS deliver uniquely valuable capabilities to a large and growing number of customers across multiple industries and geographies. We look forward to applying our more than 25 years of proven small UAS leadership and experience in partnership with Dynamatic Technologies to establish a world-class unmanned systems industry in India and address a large domestic and global market,” said Roy Minson, senior vice president and general manager of its unmanned aircraft systems business, AeroVironment.

The ‘Cheel’ pilot production facility will house an advanced avionics and communications laboratory, payload development facility, composite facility as well as an assembly and testing facility for small unmanned aerial systems.

“We will pool Dynamatic’s advanced Indian manufacturing and engineering capabilities along with AeroVironment’s unique UAV design skills, application expertise and global support services to co-develop and produce the world’s best Mini UAVs. The next- generation Cheel will be a truly global system Make in India, serve the world,” said Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and managing director, Dynamatic Technologies Limited.

AeroVironment signed a teaming agreement with Dynamatic Technologies in 2013 specifically to position the companies for a number of large opportunities with potential Indian customers, including the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs, and to address the growing global demand for commercial unmanned aircraft systems.

The unmanned aircraft system, named Cheel, will be based on AeroVironment’s proven small UAS which are the world’s most widely deployed unmanned aircraft systems, and represent over 85% of the unmanned aircraft owned by the US Department of Defense. AeroVironment’s Raven, Puma AE, Wasp AE and Shrike systems, consisting of high-durability yet lightweight aircraft, advanced colour and thermal sensor payloads and hand-held wireless control systems, can be operated manually or via pre-programmed navigation. Cheel is intended to be the next-generation small unmanned aircraft system for joint development and production under the DTTI program by Dynamatic Technologies and AeroVironment in India.

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