I’m very pleased with my X UAV Talons, especially when fitted with the wing extensions. South African distributor X-UAV CFaktor is taking orders for the new platform. X-UAV claim to be using a new sort of foam that sits between EPO and EPP. Anyone that is familiar with EPP knows how much tougher it is than EPO so fingers crossed! The video is compelling….

This what X-UAV said regarding this new material :

We have strong confidence on this new material. Comparing EPO and EPP,it is completely changes in technology and function. Its density is between EPO and EPP, and 2-3times Rigid than the 35 density of EPO, more than 10 times toughness than EPO.
We believe that it is unlikely to be crashed for plane flying with low weight. In the near future we will use this new material for more planes

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