Unmanned Safety Institute begins UAS Law Enforcement training in the Great Lakes

LIVONIA, MI – Today, Center Mass, Inc. (CMI) – a Michigan based Law Enforcement weapons and tactical training provider, announced a partnership with The Unmanned Safety Institute, LLC. (USI)- the training affiliate of flight service provider Waypoint Global Strategies- to bring Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, aka “drones”) training to its facilities throughout the Great Lakes region.  As the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) works to develop a national rule for UAS operations in the United States, expected sometime in 2015, law enforcement and public safety officers stand to be among the largest group of benefactors.
“UAS serve to be a force multiplier for police and first responders,” said USI President Alex Mirot. “Our training helps public servants develop the skills necessary to use UAS to protect and save lives and achieve mission success.”
USI currently offers a range of training options both online and in-person, regardless of the operator’s level of experience, and also has the only UAS safety certification program in the United States that is recognized by leading aviation insurance providers.
Under the terms of the partnership, CMI will be the exclusive provider of USI’s law enforcement and public safety curriculum for an area consisting of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ontario Canada, and Michigan, where late last year police departments received approval to use UAS.
“As a leading law enforcement firearms and tactics training provider CMI has fielded numerous inquiries in recent months from police agencies seeking UAS training,” said CMI President Jeff Felts. “We see this technology as a natural fit and progression of our business model and our mission to help our clients save lives.”
The Unmanned Safety Institute is a professional training organization for UAS operators and proponents focused on improving safety in UAS operations through the adoption and modification of time honored aviation safety and training practices. In addition to training, USI also provides flight-testing and R&D, safety audits, and FAA waiver application support.
CMI is proud to be a veteran owned small business serving the general public, law enforcement and military clientele.  Our products and training services are battle tested and are credited with reducing multiple deadly threats around the world and saving the lives of our clients, and/or other innocent bystanders.  Our company goal is to help our customers “SAVE LIVES”.  CMI is headquartered at 33825 Plymouth Rd., Livonia MI 48150.
For more information contact Margo Arnoske margo@centermassinc.com or call 800-794-1216 or visit www.centermassinc.com.

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