Europe Multirotor Training

Unmanned Experts first European training course – Sweden


As the World is rapidly embracing the art of aerial photography using multirotors, Unmanned Experts is reaching out to offer first-class training in Europe and beyond: first stop this year, Sweden. UMEX wants to see not just small clusters of professional, safe and educated UAV pilots, but a global community of savvy, talented and wise drone crews taking to the skies for the betterment of their professions, their communities and the World at large.

From 11-19th of May 2015, the experienced team of UAS instructors from UMEX will hold their first European Small UAS Safe-Flight and Aerial Photography course in Sweden (location updates here). The courses have been running in the United States for over 2 years with tremendous success, and have been specifically adapted for Scandinavian regulations and environment.

Whether you are looking to take the first step into aerial photography as a hobbyist, see this technology as a potential benefit for your line of work, or already have experience flying drones, this 9 Day course will put you ahead of the game and ahead of your peers.  Flight topics include the following:

• UAS Basics & AP Concepts of Operations • Aerial Imagery Advantages • AP Ethics & Privacy • UAS Types & Roles • Multi-Rotor System Design • Video and Data Downlinks • Camera Options and Considerations • UAS Licensing & Regulations • UAS Power and Support Systems • Operator Interface • Flight Management Systems • Safety and Mission Planning • Mission Execution • Safety Management and Failsafe Systems • Insurance Options • Production Job Planning and Bidding • UAS Costs & Business Planning • Flight Simulator Instruction • Flight Operations • Two Man Team Operations • Scenario Setup and Flight • Post Flight Video and Image Process

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