Rage against the machine: Coit Tower unmanned due to drone shoot


By Kale Williams

Coit Tower was mostly off-limits to visitors Monday afternoon as a media company used a drone to capture a first-of-its-kind shot of Telegraph Hill’s protruding edifice, a move that angered at least one neighborhood advocacy group.

The shoot was scheduled to continue Tuesday afternoon but was called off after the crew — put under pressure — finished its work early.

Jon Golinger, founder of Protect Coit Tower, the group which played a big role in revamping the tower and opening up its hidden murals to visitors last year, was none too pleased when he arrived Monday afternoon to find it — and the park surrounding it — closed off to tourists who couldn’t even get close enough to snap a picture.

“Coit Tower is a public space that belongs to all the people, and it diminishes this treasure to stop people from even seeing Coit Tower because a company wants to use a drone for its commercial,” Golinger said in a statement.