Drones embrace green energy properly, no charging pads needed. This recharges in the air!


We are going for Green Power, using the KineticTron’s power recharging capabilities integration on our DiscoverAllDrone. How does it work?

What do you get if you combine kinetic energy, turbine power and a desire to create a more worthwhile solution to the short flight times current drones offer, without wanting to add more kit in the form of charging stations, adding an impractical convolution to the recharging process and creating more electronic waste than is necessary to the environment? Lambdatron has come up with the answer – use a battery driven drone that recharges in the air.

So, how does this work? Using the motion of the blades generating kinetic energy being fed back into the battery is the simple answer. The battery kicks off the process, releasing energy to revolve the blades. Once in the air, the blades revolving produce kinetic energy which is harvested by the torque shaft in a manner similar to a wind powered turbine. The kinetically produced electricity then flows down the shaft, and is converted back in to charge the battery back up to keep the drone flying for longer.

This has extended the battery life of the drone from an average of 20 minutes to up to 5 hours, depending on the load the drone is carrying. The advantages of this system are massive. It means, no recharging stations are required and the drones can be used over water as well as other places recharging station availability is limited, such as in a war zone to look over a reconnaissance area.

This technology is only currently available in the their made to measure large scale industrial commercial drones but Lambdatron is hoping to make future drones last even longer and even fly in wet and windy weather. Other drone options include medium to small commercial drones. It is worth noting that hobby drones are not considered part of this market at the moment due to the nature of the applications involved.

What would a person playing with their hobby drone in their backyard need with more flight time without impinging on the local area in a possibly negative or illegal way,” said James Palmer, Lambdatron’s Chief Technical Officer. “Our industrial drones are for heavy duty use including, armed forces, police, emergency services, and for professional users in remote areas, like mining, construction and ports. This is where we see the drones really showing the most benefit.”

All the technology is of course under patent and trademarked by Lambdatron. Imagine the possibilities of using this technology on other devices, such as cars and boats. Lambdatron is hoping this will be a leader in the field of renewable green energy.

About Lambdatron

Lambdatron, based in Capalaba, Queensland, was founded in 2012. Through its operations the company provides products and services for many industries across the innovation, automation and RADAR technology arenas. We are a Veteran Owned Business and production is done here in our facilities in the Brisbane area of Queensland.

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