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American Infrared Solutions (AIRS) Announces Expansion

AIRS - mini-Nyx IDCA

In response to continued rapid growth AIRS announced today an expansion of its staff and laboratories at its facilities in Hudson, New Hampshire.  AIRS has increased its sensor fabrication and high vacuum dewar processing capacity by 150% in response to growing customer demand for AIRS’ products.  The expansion allows for additional production capabilities for AIRS infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) based integrated dewar cooler assemblies (IDCA) and infrared imaging modules.  Current expansion activity will be completed in February.

According to Dan Manitakos, President of AIRS, “We have committed facility and capital investments due to our customers’ positive experience with our infrared imaging products.   Many of our initial product insertions have successfully evolved to LRIP and full production and our facility and team is growing to support the expanding breadth and depth of our product lines.  Demand had grown rapidly for AIRS high performance SWIR, MWIR and LWIR sensors in both hyperspectral and ISR missions and we are responding with increased throughput and capability.  We continue to rapidly develop capabilities necessary to support a wide range of cooled infrared imaging and sensing applications.”
About AIRS (Hudson, NH) – AIRS offers high performance cooled infrared imaging solutions, including IDCAs, modules and cameras.  State of the art technologies, designs, and vertically integrated manufacturing allow AIRS to provide system integrators and instrumentation manufacturers customized, mission-critical imaging capability.  AIRS’ strengths are providing custom solutions for customers with unique, challenging and complex thermal imaging needs.  The team consists of some of the most experienced technologists in the infrared industry.
Rick Mannello

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