UK Job opportunity:- Drone Spokesperson Wanted

At 3iC would like to hear from anyone with the following abilities & ambitions

* You will be comfortable in front of a BBC camera in studio
* You will be able to articulate everything “Drone / RPAS / UAS“ to any news agency or publication globally 
* You will have an absolute fascination of everything “Drone”
* You will ideally already hold a Pilots licence – current or lapsed
* You will be presentable, smart and educated.
* You will be social media savvy!
* You will be able to be consistently be “On Message” with regard to CAA rules / guidance 
* You will want to be part of an exciting global team
* You will live and breathe in the City of London
* You will be flexible and try and accommodate the dynamic nature of this industry
* You will be confident & prepared to deliver briefings to either government ministers or private companies.
* You will want to start this new exciting career in January 2015
* You will have enthusiasm
* You will want to apply now!
* You will want an internship or already be a media superstar!

Salary negotiable subject to experience