The Danish Ministry of Defence signs drone agreement with HCA Airport


Hans Christian Andersen Airport has been working for three years to create a national test center for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) – popularly referred to as drones. Since 2012 it has been written in the defense agreement that the Danish Ministry of Defence can support the creation of a test center for unmanned aircrafts. A declaration of intent between the Danish Ministry of Defence and HCA
Airport has now been signed.

When talking about drones, people often think about warfare as the first one. But when the Ministry of Defence has signed a declaration of intent with HCA Airport to support the establishment of a national test center for unmanned aircrafts (the test center known as UAS Test Center Denmark), it is because of a technological interest. The aim here is to support a fast-growing technology that is predicted a huge potential in civilian, non-military applications. Drones can be used for rescue, surveillance, search functions and many other applications.

HCA Airports CEO Christian Berg is very satisfied with today’s cooperation agreement: “This gives us the right foundation to further develop our test center. The Defence comes with the experience and organization to foster our ability to fly drones in the test center. It will have both national and international interest. ”

The Defence will also benefit from this cooperation since they can take advantage of the technological developments that are ongoing in drone technology, their control systems and sensors. These elements can all be tested and developed in the test center by the companies and research institutions associated with the airport through the national network – UAS Denmark. Lieutenant General Per Pugholm Olsen from the Ministry of Defence Material and Purchasing Management Board is looking forward to the cooperation and assesses that the project at the airport has great potential:

“The Defence has for some time had an informal collaboration with HCA Airport and its UAS test center. UAS technology has a broad social potential in relation to both civil and military exercises, and is undergoing rapid development, which is why a statement of support from the Defense to HCA Airport – within the framework of Open for Business strategy – is natural and beneficial to both parties.”

One of the areas that the cooperation is expected to focus on are the rules for drone flights in both the test center and in the rest of the country for the benefit of the entire industry. There exists a great need to be able to test equipment by flying the drone out where it is no longer in sight. The objective is the establishment of an air corridor from HCA Airport towards the sea north of Funen as a special testing ground. Specifically drone flights with major operational radius are something that is interesting for the Defense, for example in the Arctic.

In the drone industry the cooperation between the Defense and HCA Airport is also very welcomed. One of the representatives of the industry is Christopher Gregers Glæsel from Glaucus ApS representing and selling drones from AeroVironment, one of the worlds largest drone companies that include supplying drones to the Danish defense. He believes that it can attract foreign activities to Denmark:

“The formalization of cooperation between the Defense and HCA Airport is an important step. The cooperation may provide civilian actors and other governmental organizations that use drones professionally, the possibility of utilizing the experience that the Defense already has gathered from the use of drones, including Raven UAS and Puma AE UAS. This agreement highlights UAS Test Centre Denmark’s central role in the national industry, as well as it will undoubtedly increase the interest of foreign companies’ locating activities in Denmark, because the framework for the industry improves.”

The Danish Ministry of Defence Material and Purchasing Management Board
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HCA Airport/UAS Test Center Denmark
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