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Monarch, Inc., a company that manufacturers unmanned aircraft systems for 3D mapping in the precision agriculture, energy, and survey sectors, held a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony today at their headquarters in Ridgecrest, California. Monarch, Inc., reflects the iconic butterfly and helps soften the public image of so-calleddrones. We are raising awareness that battery powered aerial robots greatly lessen the environmental impact, cost and safety concerns of manned aircraft for these applications.said Eileen Shibley, Monarch Chief Executive Officer.

Ridgecrest is home to research laboratories operated by the U.S. Navy at China Lake and enjoys having one of the highest number of advanced degrees per capita of any city in the U.S.. We have tremendous support from the community and a talented labor poolsays Jeff Parisse, Director of Robotics. The Monarch AG line of small multi-rotor aircraft already see use in California water conservation efforts and the company is now focusing on traditional and renewable energy industries, where large scale operations require professional product lines, custom system integration and customer support.

About Monarch, Inc.

Monarch, Inc. designs and produces professional aircraft systems for agriculture, energy, and surveying applications. The customizable Monarch platform and Cocoon sensor housing is rapidly becoming an industry standard in near IR, thermal, 3D mapping, photogrammetry, and photographic analysis from low altitudes. Monarch offers training courses to ensure the safe and appropriate operation of the aircraft and provide worldwide after market support. Monarch, Inc., is located in Ridgecrest, CA and, in addition to manufacturing unmanned aircraft systems, the company also provides production scale 3D printing, PC board manufacture and design services. For more information, please visit us at:

Company Contacts:

Eileen Shibley, CEO Jeff Parisse, Director of Robotics
(760) 382-1049 (310) 748-5893
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