Hawk Aerial establishing itself as a premier provider of industrial-grade UAS solutions


Hawk Aerial announced today that it will be exhibiting its products and services at the Los Angeles Drone Expo on December 13 in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Hawk Aerial provides drone-based solutions to businesses to meet their imagery and data collection needs. Applications include cinematography, surveying & mapping, infrastructure inspections, infrared detection, crop analysis, and many others. Based on the proven, industrial-grade MULTIROTOR airframes built by service-drone.com in Germany, these system provide both the sophistication and durability demanded by commercial customers. Said Hawk Aerial CEO Kevin Gould: “Drone technology has advanced to a point where expensive and risky tasks previously done by manned aircraft or manual methods can now be accomplished safely and affordably by use of highly capable unmanned aerial systems. Hawk Aerial brings these advantages to our business customers. By partnering with bizUAS for system integration and distribution of service-drone airframes, Robotic Skies for repair and maintenance, Unmanned Experts for training, and Unmanned Risk Management for insurance, Hawk Aerial is able to provide the full range of products and services its customers need.”

In addition, Hawk Aerial announced today that it is working with bizUAS to develop a new line of low-cost unmanned aerial systems aimed at the photogrammetry, agricultural, and thermal infrared markets. “These highly capable and reliable units strike a balance between sophistication and cost that many customers will find very compelling,” said Kevin Gould, CEO of Hawk Aerial. “Based on airframes from well-known manufacturers and due out in the first quarter of 2015, the systems will range in price from $8,250 to $11,995 and will contain everything operators need to obtain the aerial imagery and data their businesses require.”