Flexrotor tail sits for the first time, demonstrates “Rutger Legs”


A new video released by the team from Aerovel in time to see the old year out shows a new operating mode for Pandora. A modified tail allowing it to take off and land on a flat surface independent of the launch arms we have seen in the past.

The platform designed by Tad McGeer of Scan Eagle and trans Atlantic Aerosonde fame continues to be the one to watch for long endurance high speed VTOL capable flight.I expect to see much more of it in 2015. It should be able to destroy any current autonomous helicopter endurance and range records.

On one hand I am very surprised that there are not a raft of copies out there but on the other not. As with most things when done well they make it look easy. Transitioning from vertical to horizontal flight with a winged platform is far from that.

Can you tell I am a huge fan of this air frame.

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