Drone Operators Let Off With Warning After Flying Unmanned Aircraft Over Levi’s Stadium


By Damian Trujillo

Some 49ers fans got off with a warning after they were caught flying their drone over Levi’s Stadium before Saturday’s game against the Chargers, Santa Clara police confirmed Monday.

The airspace over Levi’s Stadium is federally restricted. Officers swarmed the drone’s operators as soon as they spotted them, authorities said.

In this case, police didn’t confiscate the drone, but Santa Clara Police Lt. Kurt Clarke said, “If need be, we will have to take the drone away if they don’t want to comply.

“You’ll see a number of officers get dispatched if a drone is flying near the stadium, because we don’t know if it’s a hobbyist or someone who has ulterior motives,” Lt. Clarke said. “Our job is public safety. We want to make sure the venue is safe.”

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a new alert Monday regarding the “do’s and don’t’s” of flying an unmanned aircraft.

The FAA notes anyone caught breaking the rules could face much more than a warning, including big fines.