Santa helps drone non profit raise funds.


Drone Research Inc. a new fiscally sponsored non-profit has launched a fundraiser to help kids and adults with disabilities. Santa4Charity is an idea that was created by a board member. Ashley Krutko, CEO of Drone Research, Inc. says “As a new nonprofit we were looking for a way to raise money that wasn’t the same old bake sales, candy bar sales, etc. that many groups use. So when the idea was launched, within the first forty eight hours, our fundraising Santa Had over twenty bookings and the phone was ringing heavy.”

Since launching 5-1-2014 many people have asked how drones can help individuals with disabilities? “kids/adults with disabilities hold a special place in our hearts,” says William Roe, a Florida Lawyer and Vice President of the board. Many kids are confined to wheel chairs or have disabilities that make it hard for them to leave the ground. Our UAV/Drones are equipped with special goggles that give the pilot and others a First Person View. This means when our unit is airborne the person looking through the goggles will be viewing the flight through the camera itself. So kids and adults with disabilities get a chance to see the world from above and it is an amazing adventure for all involved.

Although Santa4Charity will only be in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas this year (2015), Drone Research Inc. hopes to launch our Santa fundraiser next year nationwide. If you would like to learn more about Drone Research Inc. and Santa4Charity, or just love the hobby of Uav/drones please check out our website and Facebook page (give us a like) and help support a great cause.