RPAS CivOps 2014 Conference – 2-4 Dec. 2014 – RMA, Brussels, Belgium


The following points will have a significant influence on the world’s civil RPAS community:

a) The Communication of the European Commission DG Mobility & Transport to the European Parlement & Council in April 2014;

b) The various resulting decisions & actions (including the start-up of the JARUS Secretariat);

c) The start-up of the ICAO RPAS Panel (which replaces the ICAO UAS Study Group);

d) The upcoming implementation of the Definition Phase of the European RPAS Roadmap for the European RPAS Market Development Strategy;

e) The continuing development & updating of individual national RPAS regulations and the resulting requirement for harmonization; and

f) The important & critical role that the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) will play in these initiatives.

Consequently, it has been decided that the RPAS CivOps 2014 conference will:

1) Put a strong focus on JARUS (www.jarus-rpas.org);

2) Explain the new structure & future functioning of JARUS;

3) Describe the ongoing & planned JARUS work programme;

4) Inform how industry (small & large) are invited to contribute to the JARUS work; and

5) Hopefully contribute to motivating additional national aviation authorities to join JARUS.

It is possible to register online at www.rpas-civops.org.