FLYOX I is the biggest, most versatile and economical civil drone in the market.


Among the avalanche of questions about the unique features of the Flyox I, including being the largest drone on the market for public/civil use, Singular Aircraft would like to share details about the assembly of one of its aircraft.

The transport and assembly time achieved by Singular Aircraft represents a significant advance in this type of technology. The ground station and the aircraft can be easily transported in standard 40 ft transport intermodal containers, and in terms of assembly, it takes only four people and less than four hours from unloading the parts until the seaplane is operative.

The protocol

There is a simple protocol for assembling the aircraft, based on specific steps to follow: The entire process begins with the fuselage on its own wheels.

First the wings and the respective struts are fitted.
Next, the two stabilisers, the pylon fairings and the propeller ones are installed.
Continuing on this part of the seaplane, the propellers are fitted and the outside floating elements of the wings are put into place.
The wingtips are fitted on the caps on the ends of the wings.
And the exterior fairings finish the assembly process.