DJI Opens World’s Leading Quadcopter Platform to Software Innovation


Software Development Kit allows Programmers to Create Apps for Phantom Vision Series

 Developers can access several levels of control over the Phantom Vision camera and flight
 Apps developed using the SDK open up tailored solutions for capturing images and information from the sky
 SDK supports both iOS and Android development

DJI, the market leader in flying camera technology, today released a software development kit (SDK) for its Phantom 2 Vision series quadcopters.

Access to the SDK will allow developers and programmers the ability to create apps on either iOS or Android that open new levels of control over the Phantom’s key functions.

“The SDK creates opportunities for customization of the Phantom that is only limited by programmer’s imagination,” said Eric Cheng, DJI’s Director of Aerial Imaging. “New apps for the Phantom will allow for more creativity using the DJI Phantom Vision series and simplify the workflow for aerial creators.”

DJI – Software Development Kit from DJI on Vimeo.
Some of the key functions of the Phantom that developers can access using the SDK include –

 Camera – Video transmission, full camera position, changing camera settings, image storage
 Live Telemetry – Latitude and longitude information, flight speed, distance travelled, battery
 Flight Control* – Setting way points, adjusting flight characteristics
* Access to the flight controller and waypoints will be available selectively upon application to DJI
Already DJI is working with some of the leading developers across multiple industries to deliver apps that open the possibilities of the Phantom. Developers including Pix4D, Drone Deploy, Bright Sky Labs, PixiePath, Field of View and have already begun creating apps that help Phantom pilots edit and share videos on their mobile devices, create 3D maps, ensure flights comply with regulations and better manage multiple flights.

“DJI’s SDK allowed us to put years of research and industry experience on image acquisition into the
Pix4Dmapper App so that Phantom users can now create maps and 3D models in a fully automatic way,” said Dr. Christoph Strecha, CEO and Founder, Pix4D. “This benefits the civil UAS industry in general as it allows to add new adopters and increase their confidence in applications such as UAS based mapping.”
Developers can learn more about the SDK at