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Demonstration video – Arducopter 3.2 Spline Waypoints and New ROI setup

spline nav and roi

The stable version of Arducopter 3.2 firmware has been released! I’ve loaded it onto my quadcopter and made a quick demonstration video showing how to set up the new way of using the Region Of Interest (ROI) function as well as setting up the new Spline Waypoints/Navigation feature of AC 3.2.

Spline navigation is a powerful new feature for aerial videographers using the Arducopter code on their systems. It allows for very smooth tracks to be flown both horizontally and vertically.

I demonstrate these functions on my Steadidrone QU4D with onboard 3DR Pixhawk controller.

Flight Mode Enhancements:
PosHold flight mode: similar to Loiter but with direct response to pilot input during repositioning
ACRO mode handling improvement EXPO (for faster rotations)
Drift mode uses “throttle assist” (similar to AltHold)
Smoother transitions between flight modes (i..e when entering Loiter or RTL from high speeds)

Mission Enhancements/Fixes:
Spline waypoints
Do_Jump, Conditional_Distance, Conditional_Delay fixed
Do_Set_ROI persistent across waypoints
Condition_Yaw accepts relative heading (i.e. current heading + 20)
Reset horizontal position target when taking off in AUTO to avoid lean due to GPS position drift
Rally points (Pixhawk only)

New Sensors/Devices:
Lidar-Lite Range Finder, SF02, MaxBotix I2C sonar and Analog sonar (which was missing for Pixhawk)
EPM Gripper

Safety Features:
EKF/DCM check will switch to LAND mode if heading error > 60deg for 1 second
Baro glitch detection
Pre-arm check for Gyro calibration success
Pre-arm check that internal & external sensors (gyros, accels and compass) are consistent (Pixhawk only)
Parachute support (Pixhawk only)
Feedback to Pilot when taking off in AltHold, Loiter, PosHold (i.e. motors spin up a little as throttle is raised)
EKF (new attitude and position estimate system only used for reference in this release)

Bug Fixes:
Pixhawk GPS driver buffer overflow that could lead to missed GPS messages
Pixhawk I2C bug that could lead freeze up if I2C bus is noisy

Known issues/Warnings:
Pixhawk users will need to recalibrate their compasses
PosHold won’t show up as option on FlightMode screen if you have an old version of mission planner. Please select Help > Check for Updates
Landing detector is more strict meaning it may take longer to disarm after RTL, AUTO
Set THR_MID parameter especially if you have a very powerful copter because “Feedback to Pilot” raises throttle to 1/2 of THR_MID
Spline twitches slightly as it passes a waypoint especially if WPNAV_SPEED is set > 500.
Dropped support for NMEA and SIRF GPS on APM boards (ran out of Flash space)
Dropped ssupport for sonar for MultiCopters on APM1 and TradHeli on APM1 & APM2 (ran out of Flash space)

More info on the stable release of AC3.2 available here.


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