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Cape St Blaize Lighthouse Spline Circle Demonstration Video

I woke up to another stunning day in the Western Cape of South Africa and decided it would be an absolute waste not to go out and fly. I’ve been eyeing the lighthouse nearby for a while now with a spline navigation flight in mind, so I went out and did the flight. With some planning and waiting for the right light, the new spline navigation feature in Arducopter 3.2 can make for some very nice aerial footage.

In the video below, I cape st blaize lighthouseexplain how to set up a nifty feature of Mission Planner and AC3.2, the Auto WP Spline Circle. And from around 06:45 I am out flying the mission.

Really beautiful visibility with some stunning mountains in the background across the bay. Mossel Bay is a very popular holiday spot for South Africans and foreign visitors as well.

I’ve also been playing around with Google Photospheres so below the video you will see the Photosphere I made of the launch area by the lighthouse.


My Google Photosphere of the launch area:



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