Canada: Simplification of UAS Rules – A Great Step Forward


On Wednesday November 5, during the 12th Annual Conference of Unmanned Systems Canada, Transport Canada’s Director General for Civil Aviation, Mr. Martin J. Eley, described the upcoming steps in the evolution of the regulatory framework for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Canada. The new approach has three components: a) improved guidance material for all operators; b) exemptions from the Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for simplistic, lower risk, unmanned aircraft that do not to exceed 25kg.; and c) more stringent regulations for more complex operations.  These changes are seen by Unmanned Systems Canada as a very positive move, balancing safety with practicality and owner responsibility.  Details are outlined in the Transport Canada

“This approach will dramatically improve the ability for Canadian business to safely make use of this extremely capable technology while substantially reducing the time it takes to get authorizations for more complex operations”, said Mr. Stewart Baillie, Chairman of Unmanned Systems Canada.  “Coupled with the safety awareness campaign announced two weeks ago, I believe that Canada now has one of the most effective and progressive UAS regulatory framework in the world”.

Unmanned Systems Canada has worked with Transport Canada and the aviation industry at large for over seven years on UAS regulatory matters.  The framework described today is consistent with the principles developed over this period and approved through a public consultation body known as CARAC (Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council).

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