Amazon Prime to test fly deliveries in England?


First India was suggested, now the UK. In particular Cambridge. Far be it from me to speculate (but I will) just down the road are the airship sheds at Cardington home to the Hybrid Air Vehicle team and an enormous indoor space in which to test fly 24/7 all weather. Just this week Google announced the lease of Moffat Field and Hanger 1 to allow them to test indoors. Cardington, should it be in the frame has one big advantage, its already being restored.

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Come work on the Amazon Prime Air Team!

Amazon Prime Air is looking for a Flight Safety Manager to ensure the safety and professionalism of our flight program. The role would include the following responsibilities:

  • Performing as the Safety Observer during Prime Air flight tests, both outdoor and indoor
  • Ensuring that all safety policies are followed during flight tests, both outdoor and indoor
  • Participating in the planning of flight test evolutions to ensure that the planned operations are consistent with our policies and any safety policies placed on the team by regulatory agencies for a particular location
  • Writing, enhancing and documenting our Flight Safety Policies
  • Performing safety analyses to ensure our vehicles and operations are safe
  • Documenting our safety analyses to be used for vehicle and program certification. 
Basic Qualifications
  • 5+ years of relevant aviation experience, either civilian or military, with either manned or unmanned aviation
  • 2+ years in a safety-related role, such as Aviation Safety Officer, formal safety training, or Fulfillment Center safety operations
Preferred Qualifications
  • Flight test experience, manned or unmanned, is preferred.
  • Candidates should be familiar with and have experience using safety analysis tools such as Hazard Identification and Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Risk Management, and Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis.
  • Demonstrated ability to brief upper management and other senior executives.

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