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The demand for secure and reliant long range FPV solutions for UAV’s are rising rapidly


Since 2008 when Thomas Scherrer, a Danish technical engineer, developed the first version of his Scherrer Long Range System ( have the demand and implementations grown rapidly. The growth have been proportional to the increasing demand for unmanned aerial solutions delivered with expensive payloads and advanced controlling demands.

The Scherrer Long Range System have for the last 6 years been integrated into thousands of UAV/FPV
solutions ranging from large professional research projects to hobbyist FPV planes.

“I have used Thomas Scherrer long range system for various UAV and high altitude projects. In one of them the Thomas LRS was used to command a mission critical system on a high altitude balloon mission. When it comes to our projects, performance, reliability and quality is key and and important. The system performed excellent” – Florin, Romanian Space Agency

The long range systems can provide the users with a reliable control or FPV over longer distances and areas with turbulence – A factor which is important for professional integrations or hobbyists who seek the full range for their planes.

For consumers and integrators it can be hard to grasp the many concepts, which relate to the performance of the long-range systems, which directly affect the reliability of the UAV/FPV solutions. Therefor have Thomas Scherrer made a complete test of the most popular Long Range Systems.

“I’ve been flying FPV for the last three years with different kind of long range systems. After I lost
a plane one year ago I decided to seek advices on RC Groups which resulted in the purchase of
the high end Scherrer long range system – A choice which have proven effective and enabled me
to reach longer ranges” – John Andersen

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