Spy Owl 200 Surveillance

Spy Owl 200 Surveillance Version

UAS Europe, Sweden, is announcing that they have launched a surveillance version of its flight proven Spy Owl 200 Unmanned Aircraft System. The Spy Owl 200 Surveillance Version is a hand-launched, electrically powered UAV with a wingspan of 2 meters.

It has an integrated retractable EO gimbal with digital stabilization and endurance of up to 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on battery configuration. Retractable IR gimbal and retractable gyro stabilized combined EO/IR gimbal is optional. The system has a data link range of 50 km and a video link range of 16 km.

“With the Spy Owl 200 Surveillance Version we have a robust and well proven platform with exceptional surveillance capabilities for its size. In the future we are looking into integrating other payloads such as miniature SAR systems”, says Paul Holmstedt,

Marketing & Sales Manager at UAS Europe, Sweden.

About UAS Europe
The company specializes in manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems for surveillance, agricultural and research purposes as well as military applications. Three different solutions are currently available. The company aim to provide reliable, robust and highly professional solutions in close cooperation with the customers. All systems are NATO STANAG-4586 compliant for easy integration in professional network environments.

Our technical support team has considerable experience in the operation of Unmanned Systems. Utilizing this unique experience and knowledge during the design and development has resulted in user focused GCS solutions that maximizes operator efficiency while building the all-important situational awareness required for mission success.