Sky-Futures, the leading drone or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) inspection company for Oil and Gas has come out today in support of BALPA’s recent press release on commercial drone safety.

As the current market leaders for oil and gas UAS inspections, Sky-Futures have first-hand experience of how legislation and safety are integral to the delivery of high quality commercial UAS services in the UK and abroad. Training and Legislation Director and co-founder, Nick Rogers, is a commercial airline pilot for British Airways as well as a leading expert on the provision of commercial UAS services. Moreover, as a member of BALPA, and a leading figure in the unmanned aviation industry, Nick sees the value in BALPA’s regulatory view on the commercial UAS industry. Commenting on BALPA’s comments, Nick explains, “There is a very bright future for integrated airspace with both manned and unmanned aircraft. Fit for purpose regulation is definitely required for the UAS industry based on incremental integration with equivalency to current manned best practice.”

BALPA’s positive commentary on the commercial viability of UAS technology remains rightly cautious. Sky-Futures support regulation that commercially benefits UAS technology and the industry, allowing it to grow.

The early UAS industry that Sky-Futures have been involved with for the past 4 years is centred around small UAS delivering valuable tasks to industry, by reducing previous safety concerns as well as reducing costs.

Sky-Futures agree that in order to introduce larger and longer range UAS there will need to be greater levels of regulation to allow for their safe integration in to the congested airways.

It is very encouraging that BALPA recognise the important contribution that UAS can make to society and that they believe in UAS technology being the future of aviation.

Through operating commercial UAS services globally, Sky-Futures have gained significant experience and have an excellent safety record. Sky-Futures own operational procedures are aligned to manned aviation best practice, ensuring that the UAS service delivery is of the highest safety standards.

Sky-Futures believe in UAS technology as a means by which to improve the safety and cost effective nature of work such as Oil and Gas inspections. We also believe in an appropriate regulatory framework that supports the safe integration of this technology in to the national airspace.

Given the potential size of the market and the positive contribution UAS companies can make to the UK economy, we also believe in ensuring that UAS regulations support the safe and sensible use of the technology without being too onerous and thus stifling commercial growth.

The UK has a first mover advantage over countries like the USA and we must capitalise on this in order to establish the UK as a UAS centre of excellence.

Chris Blackford, Operations Directors and co-founder of Sky-Futures commented;

“This endorsement of UAS technology and its future role in aviation is a very positive announcement by BALPA. Moreover, it emphasises the point that the commercial UAS industry should be safe, but not at the cost of preventing the growth of this new and exciting industry sector.”

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