SimActive Outperforms Competition during ASPRS UAS Demonstrations


Montreal, Canada, October29th, 2014 – SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, was hailed for its exceptional performance for the demonstrations held during the ASPRS UAS Symposium in Reno, Nevada. Done in a collaborative format to display the capabilities of UAVs and software, 7 data processors were required to manage multi-platform datasets, which included 7 projects totally comprising 5,000 images. The deliverables were assessed on the quality of final products, with processing times also an essential factor.

Using a single standard PC with Correlator3D™ and a single operator, SimActive was the only data processor to complete all datasets. Notably, all deliverables were produced in less than 24 hours. The remaining participants delivered partial or no results in the entire 3-day duration of the conference. They used competing software developed for 3D modeling, requiring extravagant hardware such as unreasonable amounts of RAM or cloud-based solutions. As the only software that produced a DTM-based mosaic for exceptional results, SimActive’s speed and quality were unmatched and resoundingly recognized.

“Correlator3D differentiates the professional surveyor from the hobbyist”, said Louis Simard, CTO of SimActive. “Instead of splurging on RAM and cloud-based setups, it is much better to invest in professional software. Using a standard PC, Correlator3D™ outperformed competitors, as witnessed by the 750 plus delegates. The ASPRS demo showed that we offer the only viable photogrammetric solution to produce survey-grade results in the most efficient manner.”

For a live demonstration at Asia Geospatial Forum 2014 (November 25-27, Jakarta, Indonesia), send an email to [email protected].