SenseFly eBee drone human impact test


14th October, Tuesday afternoon Danish Aviation Systems decided to make a video of a human impact test, which shows that a crash and/or landing of the eBee is not dangerous.

The demands of documentation are higher than ever before, which have created frustration and confusing among users of UAV. But to protect a mutual interest most users contributes in some way to modify these regulations to achieve clearing of rules and to mitigate the doubts and confusion.

This has also affected Danish Aviation Systems ( but they have decided to make a challenge of these demands and to make documentation on videos. The reason of making videos is to make it possible for others to use it as documentation and to put the specifications and features to the test.

And the first video shows the CEO, Steven Friberg who makes a jump into the flight line and in the best
“soccer-style” makes a perfect header.

The UAV chosen for this video documentation is the eBee from senseFly because it is quite easy to setup a specific landing zone, which made it easier to make the impact and to reduce the amount of time spending on filming and made it possible to make one, video documentation during one day in total.

As seen in the video the result is not surprising. There is not made any scratches on Steven’s head but the eBee got deformations on the wing and on the front.

Actually, the eBee drones only have an impact of 8,75J. Compare that to a Frisbee which have an impact of 15,8J and an American football is 45J.

As shown by this documentation it is far more dangerous for the eBee to get impact by a human or another hard object.