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The purpose of The Sirens Project is to provide meteorologists and engineers with valuable surface data inside of tornadoes that will lead to more reliable warnings and structures. To show the immense applications that unmanned aerial vehicles posses is another aspect of this research project.

The How: 

To achieve this, we will be using specially designed and equipped UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in order to probe the tornado for valuable information. Our UAVs are coupled with a sensor package that is able to record barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. Each data point will be related to a specific GPS coordiante, including elevation. In turn, a 3-Dimensional representation of the sensor package inside the tornado will be rendered. This will allow meteorologists and engineers to essentially have access to the first MRI of a tornado.

The Design:  

Our UAV design is based off of a deltawing style aircraft. This will allow us to reach high speeds while maintaining necessary control in high wind environments. A long range FPV (First Person View) system will allow us to safely deploy our sensor package from several miles away. The electronics of the sensor package are surrounded by a thick polycarbonate case, allowing for great impact resistance as well as superb electrical transmission. The sensor package acts much like the “black box” on a commercial airliner. It is designed to survive the harsh environment inside the tornado even if the UAV does not.

A compact 1080p HI-Definition camera is secured inside the sensor package in order to document the tornado intercept, and provide any visual data that might help understand tornado dynamics at the surface.

Through a GPS/GSM module, we are able to track the probe, and locate it after the intercept. The data is recorded to an internal SD card several times a second.

The Cinematics:

In addition to collecting very much needed data, we will also be documenting the project. Every aspect of the project including: design, manufacturing, challenges, and of course the actual intercept will be weaved together into a high definition documentary film. Everyone has a chance to experience this incredible ground breaking project!

The Future:

With a successfully funded Kickstarter we can experiment with different UAV designs and sensor package layouts in order to be most proficient in collecting data.

The Team: 

Warren - Founder, Engineer, Weather Enthusiast, Social Media
Warren – Founder, Engineer, Weather Enthusiast, Social Media
Brent - Pilot, Flight Controls, Project Engineer
Brent – Pilot, Flight Controls, Project Engineer
Nolan - Project Engineer, Flight Design, Computer Science
Nolan – Project Engineer, Flight Design, Computer Science

We Need Your Help!

In order to take this project to the next phase of success, and record reliable datasets, we need your help! The funding we receive from our Kickstarter pledgers will manufacture more advanced UAVs and sensor packages. Also, to put it plain and simple…We need gas money. Severe weather can happen anywhere in the continental United States, so being able to respond to the potential for tornadoes anywhere in the country is necessary to retrieve data. With your help we can assist meteorologists in issuing better tornado warnings, and engineers in building more reliable structures. Be a part of something that will ultimately change lives!

Thank you!

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