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Open Pilot CC3D now available at Hobby King.


The ever popular CC3D , designed , developed and supported by OpenPilot is now available from the hobby supplier Hobby King. It is very distinctly purple in colour , versions from other suppliers have been orange or white, the ones made originally by the OpenPilot project were black

Checking with Open Pilot, this CC3D board from Hobby King is “sanctioned” by the project founder (as are the boards available from GetFPV and ReadyMadeRC ).

The sanctioned boards are built using quality parts and the sellers donate a portion of the proceeds back to the OpenPilot project.

There are also cheaper, non sanctioned boards, that were available at under ½ the price of the sanctioned boards. These boards can be had for around $27 from outlets such as banggood, but there are discussions that these are made from lower quality parts. Talking with one of the administrators at OpenPilot , these lower quality boards are consuming a large amount of support on the forums.

This may all change now, Hobby Kings price for the CC3D is $32.99, lowering the price difference to the non sanctioned boards to only a few dollars.

Current status of the licencing around the OpenPilot hardware and Software

The OpenPilot CC3D was released as Open Hardware under a license called the CC-BY-SA , this allows for “clones” to be built and sold.

The OpenPilot software is open source under the GPLv3 licence

The Revolution from OpenPilot , is currently closed source and will remain so for the time being.



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