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CharmingDrones Rents Drones by the Day


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – launches in the San Francisco Bay Area to rent drones by the day. In a world where drones are increasingly part of our daily lives, CharmingDrones seeks to make quality, expensive drones readily available to the public for recreational uses, while emphasizing safety and responsibility.

CharmingDrones has a curated fleet of ready-to-fly, high quality drones, equipped with stabilized, first-rate cameras for aerial filming. Renters submit a rental inquiry via their website, and can opt for services such as drone drop-off and pick-up, or extraction of video and photography when done.

CharmingDrones’s founder, software engineer and drone enthusiast Richard Fisher says, “The drones, with quality cameras and other important accessories, are too expensive for casual flyers to buy. Renting makes sense if you want a drone for your annual camping trip, a vacation in Hawaii, a film project, or just a party with you and your friends.” Fisher adds, “If you can rent a motorcycle, a lawn mower, or a Jet Ski, why not a drone?”

Specifically, drones are equipped with acclaimed cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and GoPro HERO3+ Black, as well as accessories that provide first person view flying, and up to four battery packs for extended flight times. The drones include stabilization of cameras, emergency return-to-home landing, and sturdy cases for traveling

They are currently renting DJI’s Phantom2 H3-D3, the Turbo Ace’s Matrix Quadcopter, and will soon carry Steadidrone’s MAVRIK, and the Kickstarter-popularized AirDog. They plan to eventually offer even higher end options that retail over $10,000, such as Aerialtronic’s Altura Zenith. Price for rentals currently range from $49 – $89 a day.

In compliance with the FAA, CharmingDrones will only rent drones for recreational purposes, and will not rent to anyone planning to use drones in heavily populated areas or around traffic. Fisher believes the risk placed on someone renting an expensive drone combined with CharmingDrones’s screening process will mitigate problems that may arise from unqualified or irresponsible renters.

CharmingDrones is renting in the San Francisco Bay Area. On their website users can request that CharmingDrones come to their area, as well as request other drones they would like available for rent.\ 

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