The development of civilian drones is not confined to the field of imagery, with GLLD intending to create a whole range of products aimed at the air transport industry.

GLLD, a new, autoentrepreneur-founded brand:
develops and manufactures equipment for drone missions in the south of France.

Aerial transport from GLLD on Vimeo.

The Mini Hook :
The first product developed by GLLD, is a cargo hook designed to carry loads of up to 8kg under a drone, and to be able to drop them at any time.
The Mini Hook is a reduced-size hook that can be handled manually or electrically.
The hook’s mechanical locking enables the load to be released using just a mini servomotor.
Its opening and closing are boosted by an innovative magnetic repulsion system, for which a patent application has been filed.
It is mounted on a gimbal, used to filter the load oscillations with respect to the drone and ensure systematic release of the load regardless of the azimuth.
Equipping all drones:
Thanks to its reduced weight and bulk, this hook can be fitted on all types of drones, making them more versatile and capable of other missions than those for which they are currently used.
These missions are many and varied, ranging from flying banners or advertising materials, to the delivery of equipment (rescue, humanitarian, merchandise, special operations, etc.) and line towing.
A broad public:
The Mini Hook is aimed at all operators of civilian drones (international market) and the development of new activities could see the light of day thanks to the use of this hook.
Also in the line of sight are plans for deliveries by drone, as discussed by several big names from the world of e-commerce.
The product is also aimed at enthusiasts, offering them a new flight dimension.
The Mini Hook is set to be available at the end of the year at a retail starting price of €199 (inc. VAT).
At present GLLD is on the lookout for partners or investors to launch the Mini Hook in series production.
A crowdfunding operation via an online platform is planned for this autumn.
More details coming very soon.
For all the latest news, see the website, and the Facebook\GLLDnews page.

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