Europe Multirotor

3D Pocketcopter – the flying camera

We want to present you our new little Fun Gadget for smartphones.
This is a small helicopter in pen form which allows pictures or videos to be taken from a height of up to 10 metres in HD format from all possible perspectives.

Why we came up with the idea?

During a party, we wanted to take a few photos but not those that you would normally take …. some from different angles.
But we were too stupid to know how to do this. So we were climbing on furniture and walls and anything else we could find which could have been dangerous
and breaking things in the process.

We had been thinking about a simpler and safer way of doing this.
A look on the internet revealed that there are various options in the form of small helicopters or multicopters but these were very unwieldy.

Finally  we  came up with the idea of designing a small Pocketcopter in pen form which  can be taken with you as a small gadget in your pocket anywhere you go and easily connect to your Smartphone to take pictures and videos wherever you are.

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