Spectrum Research meets Professional UAS Service

Spectrum Research meets Professional UAS Service


The Unmanned Systems operational experience and training provision of AV8 UAS Solutions has partnered with the outstanding Engineering and Environment scientists of Sky View Robotics.

AV8 UAS is a group of Unmanned Systems professionals with extensive knowledge in procurement, system design, management, implementation and operation of Unmanned Systems across the full spectrum of platform types. Pertinent to this partnership, all our members have individually gained over 4000 hours of flying Unmanned Air Systems and all are trained in Product & Imagery Analysis.

Our training provision is second to none with the introduction of the Global Unmanned Systems Training Academy (GUSTA) and our operator selection tool (Operator TRUST) ensures the right people, at the correct time, delivering the appropriate product.

Sky View Robotics are working at the leading edge, developing solutions to some of the key issues facing society. The vibrant research is led by internationally renowned academics working at the forefront of their fields.

Sky View has a strong reputation within the Environment field of studies. They have been researching the use of UAS with depth sensor and light spectrum capabilities to aid with the resolution of the many conflicts posed to Agriculture.

“It is no secret that Unmanned Systems can enhance capabilities within this field (no pun intended) by using cameras that allow us to use the light spectrum in such a way that will enhance not only a cleaner yield, but also a cleaner environment. Precision agriculture allows better targeting of issues, which leads to less spraying of chemicals and less fertilizer. More cost effective, better for the Environment and waterways and most certainly better for the food going to your table.”

“Our Research has reached critical mass and it is now time to push forward into the community to allow the full benefits of the research to be seen, appreciated and used in the correct way. The partnership will ensure a very agile and adaptable approach to Unmanned System research, design, testing, training and importantly, operations.

Operations that are extremely cost-effective, efficient, safe and remain in tune with our ever changing Environment.”

AV8 and Sky View are now taking the light spectrum to another level, our studies have shown that time, effort and costs can be saved across Solar Farms, Wind Farms and existing manufacturing and delivery processes. Not only showing areas of stress but pin pointing areas for repair.

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