Pix4Dmapper 1.2 released today


  • Create more 3D outputs directly in the software:
    • 3D PDF: Your results are now also available in 3D PDF format
    • Fly-Through Animation: Create your own 3D fly-through animation directly in the rayCloud Editor, then export it as a video and a list of 3D waypoints

New and improved processing options combined with a new UI for easier use:

 Automatic point cloud classification/DTM extraction: (BETA feature):

Remove buildings and vegetation automatically in the point cloud and generate bare earth DTMs and contour lines. For additional control, select and delete points manually in the rayCloud to improve the DTM generation.

 Improved processing options: Arbitrary coordinate system support in meter and feet, improved orthomosaic quality, all new GCP Manager, extended point cloud annotation and more processing options (alternate
semi-global matching, more control over output options) are only some of the improvements V1.2 includes.

 Improved UI: The new User Interface structures the many new options introduced over the last months in a more visible way so that you can easily switch between the various editing features. And the redesigned
starting page gives new users a quick and easy way to get started all the while offering tips, fast access to help and the latest software news to our seasoned users.