New NGB Filters and Higher Resolution Camera at Event 38

Event 38 Unmanned Systems announced today the release of two new optical sensor options for its E384 mapping aircraft. The latest design revision of the popular NGB converted cameras and filters is available immediately. These cameras collect visible and infrared light in one camera, making post-processing with NDVI calculations a simple task not requiring image co-registration. This release combines experience from previous versions and feedback from remote sensing researchers at Kansas State and Boston University. More information on these cameras is available on our blog: Latest Vegetation Stress Cameras nose
In addition, the NX1100 is now available for new and existing E384 users who need the highest resolution imagery possible. The NX1100 is an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera with an APS-C format sensor with 20.3MP. This allows collection of 2.5cm/pixel imagery at 100m flight altitude. The NX1100 pack for the E384 includes a light-weight 20mm pancake lens (30mm also available), georeferencing tie-in to the autopilot’s GPS, and a hatch cover to protect the lens for landing on rough ground. More information on the NX1100 option is available on our blog: High Resolution Mapping with Samsung NX1100
About Event 38

Formed in 2011, Event 38 designs and manufactures two types of drones (fixed wing and hexa-copter) and specialized optical sensors. Today we have customers in 49 countries using our equipment for agriculture, surveying, construction, environmental preservation, and other applications.