New Danish UAS Report: Denmark could be a forefront nation in Europe


The ministry of Higher Education and Science in Denmark has commissioned a report regarding a technological assessment of UAS in Denmark – a potential use and a set of recommendations. The Danish Board of Technology is hired to compose the report. After a half year the report is now finished and published: “Civil UAS in Denmark – Potentials, challenges and recommendations”.

The 100 pages-long report organizes its recommendations within these three categories;

–          steps for growth

–          technological progress

–          safety and regulation

One of the subjects is the possible inauguration of a UAS air corridor, which could be very useful when authorities and emergency management agencies need to move fast to get to a crash site, inspect infrastructure or monitor traffic. The report also recommends the following:

“More flexible rules, including authorization to fly BLOS, would enhance the quality control of these technologies under development and thus benefit the commercial growth potential. It is recommended on this basis to strengthen the existing UAS Test Center Denmark” to accede to the needs from commercial partners and enable the possibility to fly with bigger UAS”. (page 66)

Michael Larsen, Head of UAS at UAS Test Center Denmark and the national association, UAS Denmark, wants to see action now. The Recommendations from the report needs to be followed up by specific actions, which could give Denmark a leading position in Europe.

“The recommendations doesn´t change anything in Denmark, if we only acknowledge the big potential without reel action from the politicians. We need to bring into play Danish high-tech competencies within robotics, IT, engineering in interaction with our cooperative Danish Transport Authority and the upcoming Danish UAS industry. ”

Boeing Defense support advances in UAS policy and regulation

Boeing Defense became a member of UAS Denmark November 2013, and follows the developments within the UAS industry in Denmark. Just as the report recommends a national focus and new regulations, Boeing also highlights the importance of this in order to ensure the most advantageous development of UAS operations.

“At Boeing, we see a natural evolution of unmanned systems – sometimes providing for our defense, but more often used to enhance the human condition. The conscious application of autonomous technologies, along with advances in policy and regulation, will ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the unmanned systems of the future.” Eric Mathewson, director of Business Development, Boeing Unmanned Airborne Systems Programs.

Now it is up to the politician to consider next steps for National UAS strategy. As the report states “It is recommended that a National UAS strategy is to be developed soon, if Denmark should profit from the Danish potential within the UAS market”.


–          UAS Test  Denmark

UAS Denmark has over 50 members and we receive new applications every week. The membership list is very diverse and fully represents the whole RPAS value chain. From developers, larger corporations, the large Danish research institutions to professional private and public user organizations, e.g. the Danish National Police, The National Emergency Management Agency, the Copenhagen Fire Brigade etc. Five of our current members are RPAS manufacturers.

–          UAS Test Center Denmark

From commercialization of research projects to hub for international companies, Hans Christian Andersen Airport is a unique spot for UAS and UAS-related businesses. In close cooperation with the Danish CAA we have developed an airspace at Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense for testing and operating UAS. Due to this close cooperation we are able to offer a short and effective approval process. Our aim is to make HCA Airport the number one spot for the national as well as the international UAS community.

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