Kopterworx Hammer X12 RTF flying DJI Ronin gimbal

Hammer x12

Kopterworx has made a name for themselves as one of the most professional aerial photography/video companies in the world. And now they are ready to take your company to the next level. The new Hammer x12 was designed to carry a load up to 12kg. With DJI new gimbal Ronin they got a chance to put it on and do a first world fly.

1st world DJI RONIN flight on Hammer X12 from Kopterworx on Vimeo.
Kopterworx aerial media solutions located in Slovenia have become the premier AV shop in the world. Through years of experience, product testing and on-set work, the guys who run Kopterworx know what they are doing when it comes to aerial video and media. From years of commercial AV production work Kopterworx have developed there own custom professional filming rigs that they know they can depend on day in, day out. And these rigs have been put through working tests in all extremes of temperature.

Kopterworx uses not only what is considered to be the “best parts available”, but they have personally tested components over long periods of time and have chosen only components that have been proven to perform to their high standards. Kopterworx overtime have developed a series AV rigs that keep them in demand, working everyday and in the air. And now they are going to offer the public the chance to own the same professional rigs they use.

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