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SunFest 2014 UAS footage


Ruffling feathers in the RPAS world two operators flew and recorded footage above music festival crowds in Florida this May.

According to the SunFest website:-

Founded in 1982, SunFest is Florida’s largest waterfront music and art festival. Held annually in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida the first week in May, SunFest attracts more than 165,000 visitors. The festival and the patrons that it attracts have a very positive impact on the community.

In the official video clip Palm Beach International Airport, about 3 miles to the East can be seen.

SunFest’s Marketing Manager Melissa Sullivan had this to say about their drone

“I’ll use it for my promotional video next year,” Sullivan said. “We’re growing in reach – last year we sold into 43 different states – so video is important for us to be able to give a taste of something they’ve never heard of. And video is so powerful. The drone is just using the latest technology.”

We have reached out to SunFest for comment about their risk and airspace management system but as yet they have not replied.

The second video doing the rounds by YouTube user Jos Stiglingh has him flying a DJI Phantom through fireworks launched from the event. Difficult for an event to police users flying in from another part of town.

Burning man has a drone policy, perhaps its time for other festivals to create them before the FAA do it for them.

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