New survey grade UAV from Aeromao Inc. – Canada

The Aeromapper Talon offers the easiest way to achieve professional georeferenced DEMs and orthomosaics. Features a EPO foam body, parachute landing system, 16 Mp camera with Voigtlander lens (the best optics for UAV mapping), fully autonomous flight, handlaunch (no launcher required!). Also includes long range control and long range data link (20kms both). All units are delivered flight tested and ready to fly, with detailed Instruction Manual.  No experience or training is required.

  • Construction: EPO foam (high qialuty finish)
  • Wingspan: 2 m
  • Length: 1.1 m
  • Weight: 4200 grs
  • Endurance:  60 mins
  • Launch: very easy to handlaunch (no launcher required!)
  • Landing: parachute landing, pilot comanded.
  • Autopilot: APM 2.6 by 3D Robotics (Pixhawk soon)
  • Range: +20 kms for both data link and control.
  • Data link: 2 way telemetry for in-flight commands
  • Frequencies: 433 mhz control, 915 or 868 mhz data link.
  • Max. altitude: about 4500 masl
  • Cruise speed: 45 km/h
  • Area coverage: up to 10 sq. km per flight!
  • Camera: Sony Nex 5 with Voigtlander 15mm lens. Other cameras can be installed upon request (Canon, Tetracam, Gopro, Infrared & Thermal)
  • Failsafe: Automatically returns to home upon loss of RC link
  • Flight modes: Manual, Stabilize, Return to Home, Fly by Wire, Auto
  • Wind resistance: 30 km/h for flight. 25 km/h for parachuting down.
  • Take-off: fully automatic.
  • Flight modes: Manual, Stabilize, Return to Home, Loiter, Auto.
  • Telemetry: battery status, alt, ground speed, compass, attitude,distance travelled, time on air (speech enabled), and more.
  • Moving map display: drone position and heading, commands on map, fly to point on map, altitude changes, remote spot camera trigger, mission route, and more.
  • Low battery warning: Redundant and independent circuitry for visual and audible spoken and alarm warnings.
  • Mission Planning: altitude, side and lenght-wise overlaps, orientation of the lines, start &end waypoints, flying speed and overshoots are user definable. Drone automatically calulates fligth time, distance between images and triggers camera automatically .