USF students can check out drones from library


Bobby Lewis, WTSP

Beginning in the 2014 Fall semester, students will be able to check out remote-controlled drones to use for school projects.

Students will need to take training courses before checking out the flying drones, explain the reason why they need to use it for a project and be accompanied by a faculty member while using it. They will not be allowed off campus initially unless professors insist on it and the students themselves are liable for anything that is broken on the $1,500 machine.

“It’s going to take some thinking and I think you’re going to have to have a pretty good justification and outline exactly why you need it and what you’re going to do with it,” said USF assistant director for instructional services, Maryellen Allen.

The faculty says USF is one of the only universities they know of in the nation offering these flying, learning tools to students. They hope the drones help Bulls students reach new academic heights.