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Redbird and the Monnoyeur Group sign a strategic partnership in the civilian UAS sector

Redbird, a pioneering operator of civilian Unmanned Aerial Systems in the industrial and agricultural sectors, and the Monnoyeur Group, a leading nationwide distributor of construction machinery and services including Caterpillar products, entered into a strategic agreement aimed at the growing market of civilian UAS.

The agreement includes the purchase of a stake in the Redbird startup by the Monnoyeur Group, and aims to deploy the first end-to-end UAS solution for the construction, public works and mineral mining sectors, which will include monitoring and optimization of construction sites.

The partnership will combine Redbird’s skills in the processing of data acquired from UAS with the Monnoyeur Group’s century of expertise in providing services to the construction sector.

In France the public works sector is a key strategic industry with more than 4,000 mines and quarries and a large number of major projects, including high-speed rail and highways, with over 30,000 construction machinery in operation. The sector is open to new technologies and uptake of civilian UAS is increasing. Adoption of this technology will add significant value to topography in public works, allowing rapid, reliable and precise 2D and 3D surveying and mapping operations to take place in orderto monitor sites, optimize site management and drive productivity growth. UAS can also serve as innovative tools to speed up the calculation of volumes and areas and to monitor earth moving operations.

Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will combine their skills and position themselves as key market players:

  • For its part, Redbird provides its technical expertise in acquiring and processing aerial data. Thanks to its unparalleled expertise in civilian UAS, Redbird will lead the project from end to end, including the acquisition and processing of data – photogrammetry, topography and remote sensing.

Pioneering operator of civilian UAS and among the leaders in this early-stage market, Redbird benefits from its comprehensive familiarity with the regulatory, security and technical requirements for the use of UAS for the industrial sector. Since 2012, Redbird has demonstrated its expertise in the field of unmanned aerial systems, with experimental and commercial projects undertaken with partners including SNCF (railway operator), RFF (rail infrastructure) and GRTgaz (natural gas network).

  • The Monnoyeur Group, on the other hand, is a leading distributor of construction machinery and a leading provider of services to the construction sector.

As a distributor of the Caterpillar and Trimble brands, it is involved in major French construction projects and has an international presence in Belgium, Poland, Romania and Algeria to name a few. The Monnoyeur Group supports professionals in the public works sector in addressing the challenges they face with regard to achieving productivity gains. Therefore, it is well placed to ensure ongoing profitability and continuous improvement for its clients based on data provided by Redbird.

The agreement will enable the development of a new service offering aimed at these sectors, combining aerial data with production data. The vision of the Connected Site will therefore become a reality with the aim of improving productivity and safety for all stakeholders in the sector.

Through this agreement, Redbird will strengthen its market positioning and will stake its claim to be a key player in the industrial UAS market, especially in the public works sector. We are already exploring the options this partnership provides to combine data from our aircrafts with data from ground-based machinery to optimize utilization and save fuel. The support of the Monnoyeur Group is therefore a unique opportunity for our startup,” said Emmanuel de Maistre, CEO of Redbird.

Baudouin Monnoyeur, President of the Monnoyeur Group, added: “We recognized Redbird as the most advanced company within the civilian UAS sector, thanks to its unique combination of a broad-based fleet and a highly qualified team. Redbird is able to meet a wide range of requirements for the construction, mining and quarrying industries. This partnership provides the Monnoyeur Group with unparalleled access to innovative technology, at a low cost, while reducing our exposure to technological risk. By investing in Redbird, which is a high-growth startup operating in a booming sector, the Monnoyeur Group is able to promote its core values of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

About Redbird

Founded in 2012, Redbird is a civilian UAS operator. Redbird empowers large industrial companies to optimize their resources and improve their productivity by offering comprehensive solutions through processing and retrieval of data acquired by civilian UAS. Redbird combines systems integration with a complete fleet of remote-controlled aircrafts for its industrial and agricultural clients. Redbird offers a wide range of services including 2D and 3D mapping and topography, analysis of agricultural parcels, inspection of infrastructures, geographic studies (GIS), industrial monitoring and predictive maintenance. Redbird targets three key markets: major infrastructure networks (transport and energy), geospatial (construction, mining) and precision agriculture. Within a year, Redbird has established itself as one of the leading players on the market of civilian unmanned aerial systems in France.

About the Monnoyeur Group

The Monnoyeur group was founded in 1906 and is the nationwide leader in machinery and services for the construction sector, with annual turnover of €1.6 billion and more than 5,000 employees worldwide. It represents the world’s leading brands including Caterpillar (which it has distributed since 1929), Mercedes-Benz (in Algeria), John Deere (in Romania), Mitsubishi and Trimble. It is involved in the majority of major French construction products and has a presence throughout Europe (Poland, Romania and Belgium) and in North Africa. The Group includes four divisions including Bergerat Monnoyeur, the exclusive dealer of the Caterpillar brand for industry and construction via its network of 40 agencies and workshops in France.

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