Drone Research Inc. Takes Flight..


Drone Research, Inc. a newly formed Ohio nonprofit will take flight soon. Ashley Krutko, an Ohio born and raised native, will head up the board as CEO. Ashley Krutko is a Capital University graduate with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Geology.

Our mission is simple Says Ceo Ashley Krutko…

Drone Research, Inc.’s mission is to share knowledge of building and using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones) for conservation, agriculture, environmental research, disaster, and search and rescue with researchers/nonprofits organizations worldwide. Drone Research, Inc. works closely with all groups to help them understand the use of drones for their particular applications and/or purposes. Drone Research, Inc. also works with children with disabilities allowing them a chance to fly and explore without leaving the ground.


Drone Research, Inc. will be working in three areas, which will benefit many people. The first area is farming. Farmers who have large fields often spend many hours on the ground walking and viewing their crops. This is done to look at the heath of plants, diseases, and much more. Drone Research, Inc. will offer farmers free aerial views and photos of their growing areas, thereby saving the farmers many hours and making it easy for them to decide what actions must be taken to ensure better crops.

The second area Drone Research, Inc. will be working on is helping find missing persons. When a person goes missing, it often takes many volunteers to help locate the person. In many instances, helicopters are used but are very expensive. With a UAV/Drone in the air, we can cover and view the same areas as a helicopter but for pennies on the dollar.

“Kids with disabilities hold a special place in our hearts,” says William Roe, a Florida Lawyer and Vice President of the board. Many kids are confined to wheel chairs or have disabilities that make it hard for them to leave the ground. Our UAV/Drones are equipped with special goggles that give the pilot and others a First Person View. This means when our unit is airborne the person looking through the goggles will be viewing the flight through the camera itself. So kids and adults with disabilities get a chance to see the world from above and it is an amazing adventure for all involved.

Ashley Krutko, CEO of Drone Research, Inc. says “although we are a new nonprofit, we are ready to help many people and nonprofit environmental groups. Currently, our small drone units allow for short flight times, which make our job twice as hard and twice as long to complete. We are in the process of fundraising to raise $5,000.00, which would allow us to purchase the long flight time drones we need along with numerous other pieces of equipment. If you would like to donate or volunteer please contact Drone Research at…

[email protected].”

Ashley Krutko
CEO Drone Research Inc.

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